Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bodum B Over Machine

Damn I love me a good cup of coffee!  Don't you?  Well let me tell you, get yourself a Bodum b. over machine!   I have been without a coffee maker for a couple weeks because I broke my french press.  Even though I'm a former ballet dancer, I'm clumsier than a elephant in a china store! However, I think I did myself a favor by accidentally breaking my french press.  Hello! Upgrade!  I especially love the sleek look in white... Is it sad that these are the things that get me excited these days?

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Monday, November 18, 2013

80's Kind Of Day....

I had a commercial audition at Beth Melsky, and the specs asked for "big 80s" hair.  Whatcha think?  I was trying to channel my inner Beverly from ABC's The Goldbergs :-)  The best part was the subway ride to the audition, no one would sit next to me because I smelled of copious amounts of hair spray.  Totally tubular!

A Holiday "What Would You Do?"

Thankful for another amazing day of work with ABC's "What Would You Do?"  Keep your eyes pealed for a special holiday edition airing in December!  Ho Ho Ho.....