Friday, October 11, 2013

Best Hair Products Ever, Best Salon Ever

I have super super SUPER straight hair, but sometimes a gal likes to wear a curl or a beachy wave ;-)   Basically I've never been able to hold a curl, I'd look like this before I left my house, and by the time I arrived where I needed to be it'd be stick straight. That is UNTIL, I met and fell in love with Oribe products.  Two words. Life. Changing.  The absolutely amazing and lovely Ryan Nickulas of Ryan Darius salon introduced me to these products.   Let's just say if you want amazing hair, all you need are two things. Ryan Nickulas and Oribe. And voilá! You will be a changed woman!

Photos via Oribe and Ryan Darius Salon

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updated Reel

The awesome Anthony Arkin, helped me with some reel edits.  Check it out, yo.  New and improved acting reel!

Babies R Us

I'm NOT a pregnant lady, but I play one for Babies R Us.  Look for me in January catalogs near you.  This one is for body pillows.  Definitely a weird feeling putting on a 5 month baby bump!  And sadly, some boobie cutlets because my boobs didn't match my bump! LOL.

Wardobe: "Kaira can you lift your boobs over the belly?"
Me: "Umm... I am! haha"

Yeah, you know, just a normal day at work.  :-) As always, tons of fun.

Grand Theft Auto V

A little over a year ago I did a highly confidential voice over for Rock Star video games. Aaaaand earlier this month the video game released!  Grand Theft Auto V!  If you're a gamer, I'm sure you already have it and have been playing since you bought it on the 17th.  Riding home in a taxi after an evening out, I happened to drive past a Game Stop around midnight on the 16th and the line was out of control, around the corner!  Crazy!