Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bodum B Over Machine

Damn I love me a good cup of coffee!  Don't you?  Well let me tell you, get yourself a Bodum b. over machine!   I have been without a coffee maker for a couple weeks because I broke my french press.  Even though I'm a former ballet dancer, I'm clumsier than a elephant in a china store! However, I think I did myself a favor by accidentally breaking my french press.  Hello! Upgrade!  I especially love the sleek look in white... Is it sad that these are the things that get me excited these days?

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Monday, November 18, 2013

80's Kind Of Day....

I had a commercial audition at Beth Melsky, and the specs asked for "big 80s" hair.  Whatcha think?  I was trying to channel my inner Beverly from ABC's The Goldbergs :-)  The best part was the subway ride to the audition, no one would sit next to me because I smelled of copious amounts of hair spray.  Totally tubular!

A Holiday "What Would You Do?"

Thankful for another amazing day of work with ABC's "What Would You Do?"  Keep your eyes pealed for a special holiday edition airing in December!  Ho Ho Ho.....

Friday, October 11, 2013

Best Hair Products Ever, Best Salon Ever

I have super super SUPER straight hair, but sometimes a gal likes to wear a curl or a beachy wave ;-)   Basically I've never been able to hold a curl, I'd look like this before I left my house, and by the time I arrived where I needed to be it'd be stick straight. That is UNTIL, I met and fell in love with Oribe products.  Two words. Life. Changing.  The absolutely amazing and lovely Ryan Nickulas of Ryan Darius salon introduced me to these products.   Let's just say if you want amazing hair, all you need are two things. Ryan Nickulas and Oribe. And voilá! You will be a changed woman!

Photos via Oribe and Ryan Darius Salon

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updated Reel

The awesome Anthony Arkin, helped me with some reel edits.  Check it out, yo.  New and improved acting reel!

Babies R Us

I'm NOT a pregnant lady, but I play one for Babies R Us.  Look for me in January catalogs near you.  This one is for body pillows.  Definitely a weird feeling putting on a 5 month baby bump!  And sadly, some boobie cutlets because my boobs didn't match my bump! LOL.

Wardobe: "Kaira can you lift your boobs over the belly?"
Me: "Umm... I am! haha"

Yeah, you know, just a normal day at work.  :-) As always, tons of fun.

Grand Theft Auto V

A little over a year ago I did a highly confidential voice over for Rock Star video games. Aaaaand earlier this month the video game released!  Grand Theft Auto V!  If you're a gamer, I'm sure you already have it and have been playing since you bought it on the 17th.  Riding home in a taxi after an evening out, I happened to drive past a Game Stop around midnight on the 16th and the line was out of control, around the corner!  Crazy!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"All Those F*&%ing Sunflowers" Film

Shooting at the beach is just horrible.... disgusting.... I hate it.....

LIES....IT'S AMAZING! I had such a blast shooting in the Hampton's with a killer cast and crew!  Everyone was a dream to work with and hope we can again in the future.  Our director Bram Schouw makes beautiful films and I cannot wait to see how "All Those F*&^ing Sunflowers" turns out.  Bram took home the award for "Best Short Film" in the Netherlands Film Festival last year for "Sevilla." Which obviously is absolutely beautiful, and I'm confident "ATFS" will turn out equally as beautiful.  When I have a finished product I'll be sure to share it with all of you! xo


Friday, August 30, 2013

48 Hour Film Festival

Two weeks ago I participated in Philadelphia's 48 Hour Film Festival with Cinestories and director Ross Hockrow.  The whole thing was a blast!  I can't say enough about how amazing it was to work with this great team of people! On Friday night teams pick their genre out of a hat ranging from, our pick, Dark Comedy to Thriller.  Each film had to have the following required elements: Character: Mr. or Ms. Moran, Substitute Teacher, Prop: a Greeting Card, Line: "That's What I'm talking about." All films were written, produced, and edited in 48 Hours!  Bravo to all teams involved! Our film "Laser Wolf" took home awards for Best Acting, Graphics, and Audience Award.  Check out "Laser Wolf" above.  If you'd like to read more about the 48 Hour Film Festival click here.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm happy to share with you that this Friday 6/14 at 9pm on ABC, one of the segments I filmed with the amazing team over at "What Would You Do?" is airing! Yay! Pop your popcorn and tune in and you'll get to see me ugly cry my way through the segment.  Will anyone come to my rescue? Find out this Friday!

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Babies R Us

What a super sweet and precious day of work! I mean look at those beautiful babies!  How could you not keep a smile plastered on your face all day?  They were so adorable and pleasant to be around.  Okay, maybe there is the occasional spit up, but nothing we can't handle! ;-) If you happen to get the May and June catalog you can see these awesome advertisements there or on the online catalog!  

(photos via Babies R Us catalog) 

"What Would You Do?" Season Premier, Tonight 9/8c

Super excited to say the new season of "What Would You Do?" starts TONIGHT at 9pm!  Check out the promotional commercial here!  Tune in and set your DVR for the entire season!

(photo ABC News website) 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More "What Would You Do?"

I've been having a blast working on the TV show "What Would You Do?"!  I was lucky enough to work on my third segment last week.  Everyone involved with the show is such a joy and pleasure to work with, it's really amazing having it be a day of "work."  I feel very fortunate to be apart of it all.    And what could be more fabulous than having the uber talented make up artist and beauty consultant Cynde Watson doing your make up?? Um... nothing.  That's right.

Update: The new season is set to air on Friday May 31st at 9pm!

(photo me and Cynde) 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nightline Primetime

What can I say? I love the fine folks over at ABC!  Button cameras and ear pieces have become the norm over the past couple weeks in March!   Just two weeks ago, I play another lady in distress for an investigative report for Nightline Primetime.  Their new segment is going to be airing on Friday nights at 9pm on ABC starting in April!  Again, stay tuned for air dates!  Pop your popcorn and cozy up to the TV :-)  

"What Would You Do?"

I had such an amazing time shooting with the team of ABC's "What Would You Do?"last week!  Everyone was such a pleasure to work with; so welcoming, nice and fun! Let's just say I play a girl that's in the wrong place, wrong time, and meets the wrong guy....Will someone help me? Stay tuned for air dates of this episode!

The new season of "WWYD" starts May 29th 10pm!

(Photo: me and John Quinones)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Voice Over Promo Reel

Genine Esposito Photography!

Who's a Rock Star?? Genine Freaking Esposito, that's who! I've had some pretty horrible headshot experiences in the last year or so, and honestly I was quite frightened to pay more money and potentially be upset again. Au contraire my friends! Genine is super fun (I laughed my face off) makes you feel relaxed and takes a great shot! Check out her website here.  She also takes pictures of kids, which are super adorable.  So if you're in the market for a photog, drop Genine a line!

(Photos by Genine Esposito)