Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding Showers

We decided to take our photos at the Prospect Park Boat House. Prospect Park will always be a magical place for us and hold amazing memories; we live very near to the park, we got engaged in the Botanical Garden, and we spent our wedding day getting photos there! The Boat House is just so beautiful, and while the rain seemed to put a damper on things, I'm so glad it did! I think it added a great touch to the photos, and our "reveal." We decided to see each other before our ceremony, which eliminated stress and made the run more smoothly. Doing it this way allowed us to go straight from our ceremony to enjoying our guests and getting our dance groove on! What are your feelings on seeing your bride or groom before the wedding? Yay? Nay? This couple had a little bit of both!

(photos Jenn Olsen)

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