Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding Showers

We decided to take our photos at the Prospect Park Boat House. Prospect Park will always be a magical place for us and hold amazing memories; we live very near to the park, we got engaged in the Botanical Garden, and we spent our wedding day getting photos there! The Boat House is just so beautiful, and while the rain seemed to put a damper on things, I'm so glad it did! I think it added a great touch to the photos, and our "reveal." We decided to see each other before our ceremony, which eliminated stress and made the run more smoothly. Doing it this way allowed us to go straight from our ceremony to enjoying our guests and getting our dance groove on! What are your feelings on seeing your bride or groom before the wedding? Yay? Nay? This couple had a little bit of both!

(photos Jenn Olsen)

Perfect Day NYC

Check out my post on A Perfect Day NYC! My husband, his grandfather and I were playing tourists for the day! What great fun!

(photo by me)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Everywhere!

Our wedding, like most these days, was on a smaller budget, but it's amazing what you can do with a little creativity and patience. I realized I could cut the cost of flowers by buying the vases in advance. My husband came up with the great idea of using vintage milk bottles instead of traditional vases. (Thanks honey!!) I was able to locate about 15 or so on ebay, and for the remaining 5 vases I used old mason jars we had around the house. Andy at Accent on flowers was wonderful about accommodating my requests and ideas. I wanted a wild flower feel with flowers such as lizianthus, dahlias, button chrysanthemums, and tuberose in a mixture of creams, greens, and pale pinks. I wasn't too particular, and wanted him to use his creative genius. What you see above is a small example of the center pieces for a few tables.

I thought it would be a great idea to have photos of our grandparents on their wedding day on display, along with our vintage suit case for cards, and baby's breath in vintage soda bottles. As you can tell, there was a vintage theme for our wedding! My family was great about getting the photos to me, and my aunt was awesome enough to pick up some simple black frames. Now we have these great photos of our grandparents to decorate our home. We asked our photographer if she could recreate a similar vibe in a few of our wedding day photos and I think she did a great job.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to make little mini me's for the top of our wedding cake. I found these great wooden cake toppers on Etsy. Thankfully they give you a second set in case you mess up your first (which I did.) I'm not a master artist by any means, as you can see, but I had a fun time making them. I thought they added a fun, personal touch to our wedding cake.

(photos via Jenn Olsen)

Wedding Photo Booth

I'm guilty! Guilty! Yes, I too took part in the trend known as the wedding photo booth! It's just too darn cute to pass up. I'm sure you've seen on wedding blogs similar booths and props. I crafted guns, mustaches, talk bubbles, boas and more, and left them in the booth along with craft tape, fun pens, and a guest book that was a product of my DIY projects. Folks could take a picture with our Polaroid and leave us a "photo message." Here are just a few! My honey and I snuck in a few for ourselves to remember the day :-)

(photos by Jenn Olsen)

Kair-ied to a Perfect Day

While I've been trying to catch up with my life post wedding, I've also been posting on a new blog called A Perfect Day in NYC. In addition to being an actor here in NYC, I also concierge at a hotel in mid-town Manhattan. My co-worker and I share our picks around town and silly adventures while we're not working. My exploits are obviously signed -Kaira :-) Check it out!

(photos by me)