Sunday, July 31, 2011

All Things Blush

Since the hustle and bustle of the wedding is over, it's time to share some of my planning and style picks. I know tons of ladies getting hitched in the coming year, and hopefully this will lead you to some great vendors! As some of you may know I'm obsessed with a good Etsy find, and I absolutely loved Lo Boheme's online store. I ordered "Audrey" for my flower hair piece. Lo is so personal and amazing! She allows you to customize the size of the flower, the base color, accent colors, and center of the piece. Not only is it custom tailored to your specifications, she makes three samples and sends photos of each so you can pick your favorite! Talk about service. I'm a major planner (slightly OCD,) so I ordered mine back in December, but keep in mind there is a month turn around to accommodate your personalized piece. A hair piece can't dazzle without the aid of a great hairdo, and I was absolutely thrilled with the way my hair turned out. I used this Kristen Bells side bun as my inspiration. Vilma at Salon Quartier was able to give me something similar to Kristen's do, but totally unique to the essence of our wedding and my personal style. I like to call it Brooklyn Vintage Chic :-p

Again with my obsessive compulsive tendencies, I found my shoes, ohhh about a year before the wedding. But! When you find The Pair (capital T, capital P,) like the man, you just know. I fell in love with these Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on Madison and 68th and had to have em'! The bridesmaid's dresses are a blush color, as is the sash on my dress, so it was only fitting my shoes were too.

The blush theme would not be complete without a blush handbag! Or in this case, "French Coral!" I must admit I was skeptical that the color would match due to the fact that I was purchasing online, and to my wonderful delight it matched PERFECTLY. Like Lo Boheme, Ila Handbags are handmade, so do allow for about a month turn around. It is well worth the wait, you get a lovely personalized bag that you can use for your wedding day and other events throughout the year. In fact I have my eye on this one next!

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  1. Your shoes are awesome! Definitely worth the year wait to wear them.