Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer hats

I never fancied myself much of a hat lady, or those foolish moments when I did, I'd wear it for a day and that would be the end of my hat wearing days. But after passing by Jcrew several times over a period of a month and picking up the same hat, I decided it was time for triumphant return of "Kaira the hat wearing lady." I think its so versatile, and looks great with a dress or a sport blazer.

I'm off to the beach for my bachelorette weekend in just two weeks, so I thought I should also rock out the old lady beach hat to protect my milky white, translucent skin. An added bonus to keeping my skin healthy and young looking, it was super reasonable at Target! I love them! Just gotta rock the "I look amazing" attitude. And voila, you will ;-)

(photo Target, Jcrew)

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