Friday, November 18, 2011

SUS Commercial

In October I shot a commercial for the organization called Services for the Under Served, directed by Bram Coppens and produced by FixerFilms and JWT.  Watch the commercial above and learn some sad and shocking statistics about veterans returning home from war.  I was honored to be apart of this project and I hope it's able to bring awareness and help to those that need it.

(clip via youtube)  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Warby Parker

I'm SO excited that my new frames shipped today! I know it's kind of a silly thing to be so excited about, but it's been years since I've bought new frames for myself, AND the price on these are amazing. Only $90 TOTAL for prescription glasses! They're nice enough to give you a $5 discount on your first purchase.  I know you're thinging, "It can't really be that cheap!".  Oh my friend, but it tis.  The amazing Warby Parker is able to offer such low prices by cutting out the middle man, with you purchasing directly from the company.  I made an appointment for myself on their website to visit their offices in person, but they also offer the cool feature of "virtual try on" where you up load a photo of yourself and try away! What do you think of my "Sinclair" frames?!

(photos me and Warby Parker

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tweed Blazer

When the seasons change I can't help but want to get a new seasonal wardrobe.  I'm loving this tweed blazer from JCrew.  Super cute!  I think it'd look fab with a pair of boyfriend jeans, heels, and a strut out the door, don't you?

Speaking of the fall season, I'm looking forward to a fall feast tonight with my husband! Complete with mulled apple cider, squash, and carmel apples! I can hardly wait to get home and be cozy! Do you have anything fun planned for the evening?

I was walking by Rockefeller Center early this morning and spotted a huge fake castle in front of the ice rink.  Did you see the Today Show's awesome Halloween Costumes? Check it out here.  So fun!

Happy Monday xo

(photo from JCrew) 

You can say that again...

We had some unexpected and unseasonably early snow on Saturday here in NYC.  I'm just not ready for it! Are you?? I think this Kate Spade winter cap says it all.  But then again, can't you always use a vacation? If I feel this way in October, wonder what January will feel like!?

Totally loving these and these from Kate Spade.

(photo from Kate Spade

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Services for the Underserved

Happy to report that last week I shot a commercial for a great organization called Services for the Underserved.  The commercial highlights the realities and sometime devastating results of post traumatic stress disorder.  The producer also informed me that a longer version of what we filmed will be at The Cannes Film Festival this year.  I'm very proud of the work we did and can't wait to show you the clip when I get a copy! 

I also had a call back for a Walmart commercial on Friday or their Black Friday commercials.  Keep your fingers crossed for me! Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner?! I'm already thinking about what I can buy my family, and must admit I already purchased my husband's gift! A bit crazy I know, but when you find the perfect gift you have to act! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's gift guides this year, aren't you?  xo 

(photo from SUS)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Computa says naoooo

Sometimes I feel like Carol......

(via youtube and HBO

The Annie

Loving this Annie Bag from Ila Handbags!  I fell in love with Paula's designs when I was looking for the perfect purse for my wedding, and now I can't get enough!  They even featured me on their facebook page, check it out

Is it too soon to start a Christmas wish list?...... Just checking :-) 

(photo via Ila

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding Showers

We decided to take our photos at the Prospect Park Boat House. Prospect Park will always be a magical place for us and hold amazing memories; we live very near to the park, we got engaged in the Botanical Garden, and we spent our wedding day getting photos there! The Boat House is just so beautiful, and while the rain seemed to put a damper on things, I'm so glad it did! I think it added a great touch to the photos, and our "reveal." We decided to see each other before our ceremony, which eliminated stress and made the run more smoothly. Doing it this way allowed us to go straight from our ceremony to enjoying our guests and getting our dance groove on! What are your feelings on seeing your bride or groom before the wedding? Yay? Nay? This couple had a little bit of both!

(photos Jenn Olsen)

Perfect Day NYC

Check out my post on A Perfect Day NYC! My husband, his grandfather and I were playing tourists for the day! What great fun!

(photo by me)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Everywhere!

Our wedding, like most these days, was on a smaller budget, but it's amazing what you can do with a little creativity and patience. I realized I could cut the cost of flowers by buying the vases in advance. My husband came up with the great idea of using vintage milk bottles instead of traditional vases. (Thanks honey!!) I was able to locate about 15 or so on ebay, and for the remaining 5 vases I used old mason jars we had around the house. Andy at Accent on flowers was wonderful about accommodating my requests and ideas. I wanted a wild flower feel with flowers such as lizianthus, dahlias, button chrysanthemums, and tuberose in a mixture of creams, greens, and pale pinks. I wasn't too particular, and wanted him to use his creative genius. What you see above is a small example of the center pieces for a few tables.

I thought it would be a great idea to have photos of our grandparents on their wedding day on display, along with our vintage suit case for cards, and baby's breath in vintage soda bottles. As you can tell, there was a vintage theme for our wedding! My family was great about getting the photos to me, and my aunt was awesome enough to pick up some simple black frames. Now we have these great photos of our grandparents to decorate our home. We asked our photographer if she could recreate a similar vibe in a few of our wedding day photos and I think she did a great job.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to make little mini me's for the top of our wedding cake. I found these great wooden cake toppers on Etsy. Thankfully they give you a second set in case you mess up your first (which I did.) I'm not a master artist by any means, as you can see, but I had a fun time making them. I thought they added a fun, personal touch to our wedding cake.

(photos via Jenn Olsen)

Wedding Photo Booth

I'm guilty! Guilty! Yes, I too took part in the trend known as the wedding photo booth! It's just too darn cute to pass up. I'm sure you've seen on wedding blogs similar booths and props. I crafted guns, mustaches, talk bubbles, boas and more, and left them in the booth along with craft tape, fun pens, and a guest book that was a product of my DIY projects. Folks could take a picture with our Polaroid and leave us a "photo message." Here are just a few! My honey and I snuck in a few for ourselves to remember the day :-)

(photos by Jenn Olsen)

Kair-ied to a Perfect Day

While I've been trying to catch up with my life post wedding, I've also been posting on a new blog called A Perfect Day in NYC. In addition to being an actor here in NYC, I also concierge at a hotel in mid-town Manhattan. My co-worker and I share our picks around town and silly adventures while we're not working. My exploits are obviously signed -Kaira :-) Check it out!

(photos by me)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

All Things Blush

Since the hustle and bustle of the wedding is over, it's time to share some of my planning and style picks. I know tons of ladies getting hitched in the coming year, and hopefully this will lead you to some great vendors! As some of you may know I'm obsessed with a good Etsy find, and I absolutely loved Lo Boheme's online store. I ordered "Audrey" for my flower hair piece. Lo is so personal and amazing! She allows you to customize the size of the flower, the base color, accent colors, and center of the piece. Not only is it custom tailored to your specifications, she makes three samples and sends photos of each so you can pick your favorite! Talk about service. I'm a major planner (slightly OCD,) so I ordered mine back in December, but keep in mind there is a month turn around to accommodate your personalized piece. A hair piece can't dazzle without the aid of a great hairdo, and I was absolutely thrilled with the way my hair turned out. I used this Kristen Bells side bun as my inspiration. Vilma at Salon Quartier was able to give me something similar to Kristen's do, but totally unique to the essence of our wedding and my personal style. I like to call it Brooklyn Vintage Chic :-p

Again with my obsessive compulsive tendencies, I found my shoes, ohhh about a year before the wedding. But! When you find The Pair (capital T, capital P,) like the man, you just know. I fell in love with these Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on Madison and 68th and had to have em'! The bridesmaid's dresses are a blush color, as is the sash on my dress, so it was only fitting my shoes were too.

The blush theme would not be complete without a blush handbag! Or in this case, "French Coral!" I must admit I was skeptical that the color would match due to the fact that I was purchasing online, and to my wonderful delight it matched PERFECTLY. Like Lo Boheme, Ila Handbags are handmade, so do allow for about a month turn around. It is well worth the wait, you get a lovely personalized bag that you can use for your wedding day and other events throughout the year. In fact I have my eye on this one next!

Sneak Peek!

Prospect Park Boat House

On our way to Brooklyn!

Making our way to our wedding! Dodging the rain!

It's been a crazy couple of months! Here's a sneak peek of my wedding photos! Didn't Jenn do an awesome job?! I showed her a few photos from my HUSBAND's and my grandparent's wedding days and asked if she could recreate similar photos during our wedding day, and look what she came up with! Jenn usually does documentary photography, and that's why she made such a great wedding photographer; she essentially documented the day as if it were a story. As you can see we had a bit of rain on our wedding day, but I think it made the day memorable, and made for some great photos!

What's the saying? Wedding day showers means you'll be showered with health, wealth and a long marriage? Well that's what I'd like to think anyway :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

When the Sun Aligns...

You know when things in your life seem to align and you feel tickled pink? Yeah, I feel that way about loads of things right now. I'm tickled because I've had a good run recording voice over commercials and demos this last month for various clients like Neutrogena and Children's Hospital, and tomorrow I'll be recording a voice over commercial for Wendy's at Phantom Audio! Acting and doing voice overs is so fun, exciting, and everything I've always wanted to do with my life. Not only that, but I have amazing friends, family, live in what I think is the most amazing city around, and I'm about to marry the love of my life. Yeah...things are purty good. I need to remind myself to be thankful everyday for the amazing people and experiences I have in my life, not just when really amazing things happen.

I'm one lucky gal! What are you tickled pink about this month? xo

(photo via Hither Thither)

New York City Wedding

Shayna and Justin's wedding was not only beautiful and stunning, but it was fun! I was taking a gander at 100 Layer cake this afternoon, and to my surprise I see Shayna and her new husband! Shayna and Justin just so happen to be friends of my fiance and mine, and we were in attendance for the fun fete! Every detail was personal, artistic, and modern New York chic. Check out more of their wedding at 100 Layer Cake, and really great video by You + Me

ps that my fiance and me in the photo booth, upper right hand corner :-) So fun!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amazing DIY

I enjoy a good DIY just as much as the next gal, but I'm not sure I can handle the level of amazingness that is Alli over at Hooray! She takes DIY to the next level. Look at this great twine light! Color me impressed.

(via Hooray)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Featured on Be In Style!

I'm very happy to report that the fashion blog Be In Style has featured Kair-ied Away as one of the Top 5 Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week! How cool is that? Be In Style features the latest in women's style and fashion trends. Perfect place to get your wardrobe ready for summer! Pop on over and check them out :-)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer hats

I never fancied myself much of a hat lady, or those foolish moments when I did, I'd wear it for a day and that would be the end of my hat wearing days. But after passing by Jcrew several times over a period of a month and picking up the same hat, I decided it was time for triumphant return of "Kaira the hat wearing lady." I think its so versatile, and looks great with a dress or a sport blazer.

I'm off to the beach for my bachelorette weekend in just two weeks, so I thought I should also rock out the old lady beach hat to protect my milky white, translucent skin. An added bonus to keeping my skin healthy and young looking, it was super reasonable at Target! I love them! Just gotta rock the "I look amazing" attitude. And voila, you will ;-)

(photo Target, Jcrew)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cute Mugs

I love Fishs Eddy. They have such great unique items to give as gifts or for your own kitchen and home. I spotted these cute mugs online for any happy couple getting married this wedding season. :-)

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend! xo

Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Wedding Hair!

I have a hair concept covered for my wedding day, buttt I also have to think about all the other weddings I'm going to be in this coming year! I was looking around, but not finding much. Fear not! I am saved! And now you will be too with my amazing discovery. I spotted a link to the great site Hair Romance, via YAMF. Plus these styles look great to try just any ole day, don't you think? I know.... you love me.... well actually Melanie....well actually hair romance.

(photo hair romance)

Monday, May 23, 2011

DIY Project Success!

I shared some photos from my bridal shower a few weeks ago, and I thought my cousin did such a stellar job on the party favors, I had to share her DIY success! You may have seen this project on Style Me Pretty a few months ago. Everyone loved them and they looked great with the rest of the decor for the party. Aaaaand they traveled all the way from Pittsburgh to NYC intact. Go ahead, say it, tickle you impressed. I know. I love you Christina! Thank you! xxoo

If you want to try you own you can find step by step instructions here.

(photos via me)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Drum Roll Please....

We're going to Anguilla and Istanbul on our honeymoon! Yay! Have you ever been? Any suggestions on where to go? Cool places to eat? I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! I'm beyond excited to have a full TWO WEEKS away from the city to relax and enjoy vacation with my new Husband. Feels weird to say that... hhhusssssband :-)