Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rose and Thorn

During the few years that I worked in residence life (yes, I've done everything under the sun) I learned a fun little game, that was played among the staff member's during our weekly meeting, called Rose and Thorn. We went around to each staff member and we told our rose and thorn of the week. Well, I'm bringin' it back girlfriends! I like to start with the thorns and end on a happy note :-) Thorn of the week: I dropped my cell phone in the toilet! Thus breaking it! To make matters worse, my agent called right before the fateful accident and said they would call back in a few minutes with the details of my call back! However, have no fear my friends, it all works out in the end. In turn, I have my rose. I was able to communicate via email, and I got the call back and booked the gig! I recorded a voiceover for a commercial for Bath and Body Works. You'll have to keep an eye open for it, or ear rather :-) Oh, and luckily enough I had my phone insured. Moral of the story: Stop taking your phone to the bathroom, don't worry they'll call you when you get out! I promise!

What were your roses and thorns of the week? Prey tell.

(photo bath and body works)

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