Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last name

Hi loves! Last names. It's been an interesting topic of conversation lately with my friend Lizzie, who is getting married next year, and myself. You want to take your husband to be's last name because you're becoming a family, you want your future children to have the same last name as you, and probably the most important reason for me, it means a lot to him. Butttt what does that mean for you professionally, and this name you've built for youself? Do you keep your last name? Hyphenate? Legally change your name, but continue to use your maiden name for work? Or, the option I've been leaning towards as of late, change your name legally and make your maiden name your middle name. What are your thoughts? Suggestions? What did you do?

(photo once wed)


  1. This is a topic that I have issues with. I can't seem to make up my mind. My bf and would like me to have his name. Not that he is old fashioned, but just likes the idea of it. The problem is that I am the last of my last name. After me it dies. So, if I take his name and our kids take his name my dad's name is done forever. I feel bad about that. Hyphenate- I am just not so sure either!

  2. It's funny how many women I talk to and they all say "it means so much to my boyfriend/fiance!" What if you make your kids middle name your madien name so it lives on and would be a nice gesture to your father? Maybe it can become sort of a family tradition? Hopefully your children will do the same?