Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eating, traveling, Eating... Did I mention Eating??

Eating is a huge part of traveling for my fiance and I. Well, it's pretty much just a huge part of our lives. While in Montreal we ate at some amazing places. If you plan on going to Montreal any time soon check out a few of the follow...

Salle Manger
Walking into this restaurant was very similar to an experience you might have at Inoteca in Manhattan. The restaurant decor had fresh clean lines, and the food reflected the vibe of the restaurant. Definitely in a young, hip part of town.

If you're a pastrami fan, you definitely need to make this a stop on your trip. I have to argue, one of the best pastrami sandwiches I've ever had. I know, bold statement!

Au Pied de Cochon
The amount of foie gras served at this restaurant was utterly ridiculous! Amazing, but ridiculous! I think between the two of us we had enough food to feed a small family. We sat at the bar and the gentleman sitting next to us was a chef from CT who flew all the way to Montreal just to eat here and flew right back after dinner! That's dedication to the love of food!

Pied de Poule
After a long day of biking Pied de Poule was everything we needed; good food and cold beers. I highly recommend the BBQ Cheese Curd! YUM.

If you'd like a quaint place to stay while in Montreal check out Bob & Mariko's Bed and Breakfast. We had a lovely stay that included breakfast in the mornings with fellow travelers, and close to great streets like St. Denis.

Have you been anywhere exciting or relaxing this summer??

(photos, and me)

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