Saturday, May 22, 2010


Do you frequent the theatre scene? I'm wondering if you share in my sentiment as of late? "That was entertaining. Best play of the year? No. But entertaining? Yes." Well, two weeks ago that changed for me. I saw a wonderfully written, directed, and acted play called Next Fall at The Helen Hayes Theatre. My good bud Brenden, who happens to work at Lincoln Center, was able to nab a pair of comp tickets for us to attend the show. He leaned over before the curtain went up to tell me a few of his friends said this is "the gay play of the year." We joked after it was over, "Well I guess gay headquarters was right!" Joking aside, I felt it offered a perfect balance of laughter and wit mixed with seriousness and hot topics like religion and moral code. If you're looking for more than smoke and mirrors and a play with substance, I highly suggest Next Fall for your next night of theatre. Learn more about the play and who's who in the cast here.

(photo Playbill)

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