Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Best of Rome

Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere

My mother and our waiter being overly friendly.

Allora, ragazzi. If you've never been to Rome, do your self a favor and put it on the bucket list, because it's fabulous! I studied in Rome while in college, but decided it was time for my mother and I to take a mother daughter trip, because, well, we never have. So we packed our bags and hopped a plane. Although my Italian was a bit rusty, I tried my best, and we ate our way through the city. We walked as much as we could to see the sights and hopefully work off at least a quarter of the mid morning gelato. Here are some of my faves of Rome, if you ever take a visit try and stop by and say ciao.

Fave tratorria: Dell'Omo
Great little spot near the main train station with gnocchi to die for, and the cutest family of three serving up traditional Roman dishes. Not to mention the best tiramisu you will ever have in your life. I promise. It's more of a custard with just a few lady locks put on the side. Sigh. Double sigh.

Fave handmade jewelry: Anna Retico Design
Found in the heart of Trastevere on Vicolo de Cinque, she hand makes all of her glass jewelry pieces. I nabbed a pair of earring that I was dying to have. If jewelry can make you swoon, these sure did. I can't wait to wear them for a night out for dinner or cocktails! yay!

Fave Pizza: Pizza San Calisto
You haven't lived until you've had these pies, and I mean pies so big they're spilling over the serving tray. I'm not sure I can put into words how amazing the cold fresh buffalo mozzarella and ripe tomatoes taste on top of the warm flat bread. You will find other pizza that is quite good in Rome, but nothing compares to Pizza San Calisto.

Fave B&B: B&B Danilo
Can you say hysterical? Because that was exactly what our inn keeper was. He had the most welcoming and fun disposition, mostly cracking jokes at our expense; especially our inability to open doors with their ancient and giant keys. He insisted on referring to my mother as Pennsylvania, and starting every sentence with "my god Pennsylvania!" Quite fun. This place also has amazing rates if you're looking for a quaint place in one of Rome's most amazing and lively areas.

Until next time Roma.... Bacci

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