Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weddings, Weddings, and more Weddings

As I have mentioned before, it seems lots of my friends and family are tying the knot in the coming year and have in the past year.  Just yesterday I found out that another cousin of mine is engaged!  My boyfriend's sister is getting hitched this coming September, and we successfully picked out the bride's maid dresses! **Applause!**  We went to Amsale, and had what I would call a fun and low stress time. Who knew?!  The bride decided we would all wear eggplant colored dresses, but each pick our own style. Which I give two thumbs up!  I'm wearing the one pictured in blue above.  I totally plan on sporting it in the summer with some over sized shades, and big summer bag.  Once the wedding is over of course :-)  Do you have bride's maid success or horror stories?  

(Photos Amsale)

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