Friday, January 22, 2010

New York Love

What I love about New York City is that there are unlimited possibilities of what one can get herself into on any given day.  Aaand the wide range of fun, interesting, and educated events she can hop to and from in one night!  A few nights ago I was lucky enough to catch a staged reading at Cherry Lane Studio Theater in the West Village.  Director Jeremy Bloom, (well known from Planet Connections Festivity 2009,) once again did an amazing job with "Walt and Emily: Between the Rooms", a play about a dialogue between Walt Witman and Emily Dickinson.  It was also nice to see Richard Gere among those in attendance!  Later that night, winding down a bit, I met my boyfriend in a small bar in Brooklyn near Prospect Park and enjoyed music stylings, blue grass in nature; such a contrast to the lyrical prose of famous poets, yet so enjoyable and fun.  It reminds me how fun my life truly can be, and to appreciate it.   Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself how lucky I am that I'm able to take advantage of so many wonderful people and places.  Its comforting to know it's seemingly the most ordinary days like this that I feel the need to pinch myself because it all seems so perfect.  What are you pinch yourself happy about these days?  

Read more about Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.  I can't wait!! 

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