Sunday, January 17, 2010

Act your age for crying out loud

I had such a lovely time celebrating my birthday with close friends and family this past weekend.  Such a lovely time, it lasted two days!  While at dinner on Friday night, my boyfriend joked with a member of the staff that I was turning 29 (false statement), and I proceeded to tell her that it wasn't my 29th birthday.  I don't think she believed me because she replied, "Don't worry you don't look a day over 26."  GASP.  I'm 24.   Also, while at my agent's office for an audition the morning of my birthday a member of their staff joked, "So what are you turning 24? haha" After I told her that I in fact was turning 24 she told me that she would have believed me if I told her I was 34.  What is going on here people?!  I know I have premature wrinkling on my forehead, but does it really age me 10 years?  I often get told that I act mature for my age, but not sure I'm welcoming 10 years of aging instantly.  Do people ever tell you you don't look your age? 

Other fun and relaxing things I enjoyed on my birthday, maybe you will too!

Relaxing facial

Amazing mani, pedi with 10 minute leg massage! 
(thanks to my sweet hunk of a boyfriend) 

Pain free waxing.... well, almost 

Yummy dinner

Boozie Brunch

Thanks to all my amazingly sweet friends and family for making my birthday great! xo

(photo via alphamom)

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