Friday, November 6, 2009


Last night I went to another great show with my gal pal Sarah.  I love that I have friends, although they themselves are in the theater world, who still love to see great work.  When I heard RoundAbout was doing Ordinary Days, I thought, "I've seen this before," but when I looked on the website and it said, "New Musical," I just thought maybe I was a bit confused with another show.  I'm blonde it happens sometimes :-p   But this time it wasn't a blonde moment.  Sure enough, I read the fine print of the program and it says, "..originally produced and performed by Pennsylvania Centre Stage at Penn State University..."  I did see it! I went to Penn State University for undergrad and remember the flurry of activity as my musical theater peers mentioned the show going up.  It's nice in such a large city to see connections to things like my Alma-mater.   Psu will always hold a special place in my heart and it's great to see them apart of the New York Theater scene.  The play worked wonderfully with the intimate off- Broadway house of the Black Box Theater.  People often confuse the term "Broadway;" most think Broadway is synonymous quality and location.  Little theater lesson folks:  Broadway refers to 500 seats on the house or more, Off-Broadway is 499-250, and Off-Off Broadway has fewer than 100 seats.  So get out there and see some great Off and Off-Off Broadway theater, because you might get to see a fabulous show in an intimate setting before it's a hit and moves to a larger Broadway house.  Have you seen any great shows lately?  Would love to hear!

(photo Roundabout)

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