Thursday, November 5, 2009

Theater and more cool jewelry

Tuesday night I was lucky enough to attend another great event hosted by the folks at Promenade Magazine.  I'm one lucky gal!  So fun.  We went to see The Understudy, a RoundAbout Theater production.  Being an actor myself, I found the play to be rather amusing, poking fun at how insane actors and show business truly can be.  Best part my friends.... Mark Paul Gosselaar, that's right Zack Morris, was part of the cast.  hehe Okay, so maybe he was on NYPD Blue and other reputable programs, but he'll always be Zack Morris in my heart :-)  The cast also included  Justin Kirk, from Weeds, and very funny Julie White.  Theresa Rebeck, the playwright, writes such well written pieces, and is by far one of my favorites.  I'd highly recommend reading any of her works such as Loose Knit, Spiked Heels, or Sunday on the Rocks.  

(photo by Playbill
Prior to the show we went to Reinstein and Ross to check out some of their awesome jewelry.  Annnnd I think my boyfriend and I may have found a possible jeweler for our engagement ring!! One of the great things about Reinstein and Ross is that you can work directly with the jeweler who is making your piece, they have their workshops in their stores!  How cool is that?  It seems like such a personal experience and I think that's exactly what we're looking for in making a piece unique to us.  They have a wide range of golds; I think I'm after white gold :-)  I love unique and interesting pieces.  Do you have any interesting places where you've found jewelry?  I'd love to hear!  xo

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