Monday, November 16, 2009

Tailgating and College Football

My boyfriend and I got together with two of my best buds from college Katie and Pat.  Katie, Pat and I were quite close in college and considered ourselves our own little family.  It's nice to know the friendship we made in college will be one to last a life time.  This year marks the 2nd annual tailgate for the four of us.  I think we have a new tradition :-)  I think next year might involve an RV, oh boy!
Penn State University= number one tailgating school in the nation.  It was quite funny because this is the second time I've taken my boyfriend to my former University for a football game, and he was poking fun at the fact that I have a statistic for all things Penn State.  It's in our Nittany Lion DNA, those of you who are alum know.  Like 1 in 100 college graduates are PSU alum and Penn State is 4th in terms of university brand recognition.  Again, just what I've been told ;-)  We had great fun tailgating, getting ice cream at the creamery, dinner at Allen Street Grill, and a beer at Zenos.  All things we hold dear to our heart.  It was great fun to visit Happy Valley, a place I consider another home.  What were some of your favorite college memories, or traditions?  

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