Saturday, November 28, 2009

New NYC Restaurant

This holiday week my mother was in from Pennsylvania, so my boyfriend and I thought why not take her to the much anticipated new Danny Meyer restaurant Maialino?  After four hours of wining and dining my official stance on Maialino is....... I loved it!  It seems I'm not alone, read more here  on the Eater blog on what others thought.  The Raviolo al Uovo (egg, ricotta, and potato) was amazing, and a personal favorite! I did try tripe for the first time, although the preparation was quite good, I think the concept and texture of it may keep me from ordering it again.  You have to try everything once, right?  The name of the restaurant actually has a cute story behind it; when Danny was younger and a tour guide in Rome locals called him Meyerlino, meaning "little Meyer," and then they noticed he often ordered the suckling pig at the trattorias, and started calling him Maialino, meaning "little pig."  Cute, right? 

(photo Eater)

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