Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movies and Art

I love Tuesdays!  Tuesdays are basically my Fridays, due to the odd nature of my work and odds and ends jobs.  So yesterday I had a marathon date day with my boyfriend, so fun!  We went to go see A Christmas Carol.... Okay, I'm gonna say it... It was bad, really bad.  I normally have a hard time saying a movie is bad, but it really was.  I can appreciate it for the great make up and special effects, but it fell short for me.  It failed to throw something special into the original story to make it its own.  Essentially I felt like I was in my 7th grade English class  listening to Mrs. McKenzie talk about the classic tale.  We gave it two thumbs down.  
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Second stop on our date day was The Guggenheim to see the Kandinsky exhibit.  Love Kandinsky.  Who are some of your favorite artists?  Favorite museums?  I could spend days in The Met, but the Guggenheim was just perfect for a shorter visit. 
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Last stop on this date train was The Cornelia Street Cafe for a bit of jazz music, drinks, and dinner.  Cornelia Street Cafe has awesome jazz shows, poetry readings, and other art performances.  My boyfriend and I love listening to live music when we can; we wish it could be more often.  Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick went on their first date here? Wellll at least that's what I was told :^)  

(photo by Cornelia Street Cafe) 

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