Sunday, October 18, 2009

Original works of art

What are your feelings on art work displayed in your home?  My boyfriend argues that one should only, or rather we should only, have original pieces in our home.  Coming from an art background,  I can see where is he coming from in this argument; however, I will admit I do love a purchase from CB2 now and again.  I'm more of the uptown art scene with a background in classical ballet, and my boyfriend is of, what he likes to refer to as, the downtown art scene.  His art pieces tend to have a bit more of an avant-gard feel, and sometimes cringe at the sight of plastic baby dolls in my living room, and signs pulled from someone's trash. Yup, the above photo is actually a piece we created in our home. 

I was classically trained at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, where I spent over 13 years training.  I accumulated a LARGE amount of pointe shoes, going through about a pair a week.  Combine two parts old suit cases and about 50 parts old pointe shoes, and voilà you have a piece of art.  I think it might be growing on me.  

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