Friday, October 16, 2009

No place like....Da Burgh

I'm so excited because I just booked airfare to go home to Pittsburgh for Christmas!  I stayed in New York for the holidays last year, so it will be great to see my hometown decorated, with twinkle lights and all.  I moved to New York City about a year and a half ago, so it will be great to see old friends and family over the holiday season.  I love New York, but sometimes you need to see the places you used to go as a kid and the people who knew you when you wore braces and still talked to you anyway :-)  Pittsburgh, the city of bridges, slang such as: n'at, yinz, and dahntahn (If you know anyone from Pittsburgh, ask them and they'll translate for you, orrrr you can just look at the above link), the Steelers, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and the three rivers.  I'm excited to show my beau the steel city for the first time!  What are some things you miss from where you grew up, or fond childhood memories ?  


  1. home for the holidays! How fun. And I love the slang link. Too funny.

  2. Kaira! Love the blog! I adore the wedding post. It's so unique, awesome color combo, love the headpeices. Did you know I wore a Pricilla of Boston gown? Yep, found it in the attic of a wedding shop.(had an inside source!) Blush, italian slipper satin, all for $350! My breakfast speciality is fried polenta with REAL maple syrup and a ham slice! Eat your heart out, jag-off!