Thursday, October 22, 2009

New York Jewelry

I'm in love with my Fetty necklace, "Shot Through the Heart".  I got my first one about three years ago, made of brass and nickel, but want to upgrade my rock glam necklace to a more upscale look with the white gold and a black diamond.  Every time I wear it, without fail, I receive tons of complements.   I must admit when I have a casting that calls for a rocker or a slightly edgier me, I wear my Fetty necklace to put me in the mood to be "rock glam Kaira."  This line is all about the rock glam attitude, and is tied in with the bank Semi Precious Weapons.  Best part, they're from right here in Brooklyn, New York.  How can you not love everything about this line?!

More Fetty necklaces. Which one is your favorite?

(Photo Fetty)

1 comment:

  1. Definitely the tooth, because it's wierd. Wearing the gun makes you feel tough though for sure. I'd like to shoot somebody's knee caps with the gun, ha!:}