Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York Eats

Last night my boyfriend and I we went on a double date with a friend of his and his girlfriend.  We went to Sammy's Roumanian in the Lower East Side for some steak, kishka, and karnatzlack.  What an experience!  They serve their vodka in a cube of ice, where I was prompted to hold it until he prepared the bucket, in which the waiter said, "hold this shiksa."  It was all very light hearted and fun, with the walls covered in photographs, and live entertainment complete with an electric keyboard.  Sammy's is also well known for having a jar of schmaltz on every table.  Nothing like a little duck fat and vodka to help an evening along.  If you're looking for fun place and a great place to take a group of people, you might want to consider Sammy's Roumanian.  Be careful, a bottle of vodka can go very quickly when you have such a lively atmosphere with your dinner.  

(photo yelp)

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