Monday, October 19, 2009

Living and Giving

I'm happy to report, in conjunction with my artistic and other work related pursuits, I've started working with a fabulous non-profit organization called Universal Giving.  I think in life sometimes we push for certain opportunities to happen because we believe they're truly the right path for us, and then life puts a present in your lap.  I feel as though I received a present when the founder and CEO introduced the idea of becoming involved with her organization.  Many times I feel that my career aspirations aren't directly helping others, and this feels like a great way to directly help other people.  The great thing about this organization is that 100% of your donations go to philanthropy, and you can see what causes around the world you are helping, such as giving gardening tools to a Cambodian family.  Pam Hawley, the founder, stresses wanting to give people an opportunity to make giving and volunteering a natural part of everyday life.  I think that's a wonderful mantra to keep in our minds.  When our problems can seem so monumental you realize how trivial it is to stress about things like missing the uptown 6 train or not getting the gig from your last audition.  

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