Monday, October 19, 2009

Chico California

What can one do in Chico California?? Well let me tell you, a whole bundle of things! My boyfriend and I recently went out to California to see one of my dear friends Carly, spend quality time, and see a new part of the US. It was funny to notice how I had so much enthusiasm for things that were common place for Carly and her friends, who grew up in California. Things this New Yorker rarely, if ever, has the chance to do. Like.... ride a horse! haha. Just a few days before my trip to California I had mentioned to my boyfriend that I have never been horse riding, and it just seems like something someone should do in their life time. You may be laughing at me right now, but at least that's how I saw it. We rode horses, ate tacos (from a taco truck!), took a long bike ride through the park, drank, had great food, and relaxed with great people. Below are just a few snaps from our quick trip. If you have a friend in Chico, I'd say you should go see them ;-) What fun trips have you taken recently?

Having a post ride drink and snack in the barn. Yup, the barn :-)
That's a chicken. I told you a barn!


  1. You're so sweet and welcome back anytime my dear! How about some pics of you and tom on the horseys? Give the people what they want!!:}

  2. haha Let's just say they were less than becoming photos