Sunday, December 13, 2009

NYC Winter Fun

Yummy scones from Alice's Tea Cup

Warming our bones after a hard morning of Ice Skating

Ice Skating at Central Park

When my mother came to visit we had a full itinerary planned while she was in town, as I'm sure most of you do when you have a guest in town.  She has always wanted to go ice skating in central park.  An enhanced desire came about, of course, by the movie Serendipity.  (I must admit mine was too, love that movie!)  So we made our way to Wollman Rink, and then to Alice's Tea Cup on the Upper West Side, for what I personally think are some of the best scones around.  I think Mom agrees :-)  What fun winter activities have you been up to?  Do you have fun holiday traditions? 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Off Broadway Show

He fell into toxic goo in New Jersey, and now is a super mutant. haha. Sounds odd, I know, but I promise hilarious.  
Drinks allowed in your seats, no intermission, and they don't really care if you turn your cell phone off or not.  Yuuuuuup, that's how you are greeted when seeing Toxic Avenger at New World Stages.  Definitely not your typical night of theater.  Okay, so maybe it's not a life changing piece of theater, but was I entertained? Hell yes.  Especially on a Monday night when Broadway stages are dark, why not check out Toxic Avenger?  My friend Brenden and I found ourselves laughing, clapping, and toasting with a jack and ginger as performers worked the stage.  Fun, fun, fun.  Tomorrow I'm off to see A Little Night Music with Katherine Zeta Jones, and Angela Lansbury! Stay tuned! 

(photos playbill)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Cheer

My boyfriend and my first Christmas tree! yay

Wonderful gingerbread constructions by friends :-) 

Decorating the tree, aaaaaand the holiday season is official! 

On the 1st of this month, I had some of my close friends over to make sugar cookies, decorate the tree, have food, drinks, and to be merry.  It's just not Christmas without our annual holiday cheer gathering, and my great grandmother's sugar cookie recipe.  Sorry, can't share.  Do you and your friends and family have any special holiday traditions?? Love to hear! Maybe we can incorporate them next year.  

(Pictures by Me!) 

Sunday, November 29, 2009


During the week long extravaganza we like to call my mother's visit, we went to go see White Christmas at the Marquis.  It was wintery, christmasy, cheesiness, and fabulous :-)  I'm a sucker for old time singing and tap dancing.  The best part of the Marquis Theater,  they let you take your wine to your seat!  Yes, that's right, the dawn of a new and improved era.  And its in a sippy cup.  If you're looking to get in the holiday spirit I suggest checking out White Christmas.  Tis the season! 

(photo playbill)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New NYC Restaurant

This holiday week my mother was in from Pennsylvania, so my boyfriend and I thought why not take her to the much anticipated new Danny Meyer restaurant Maialino?  After four hours of wining and dining my official stance on Maialino is....... I loved it!  It seems I'm not alone, read more here  on the Eater blog on what others thought.  The Raviolo al Uovo (egg, ricotta, and potato) was amazing, and a personal favorite! I did try tripe for the first time, although the preparation was quite good, I think the concept and texture of it may keep me from ordering it again.  You have to try everything once, right?  The name of the restaurant actually has a cute story behind it; when Danny was younger and a tour guide in Rome locals called him Meyerlino, meaning "little Meyer," and then they noticed he often ordered the suckling pig at the trattorias, and started calling him Maialino, meaning "little pig."  Cute, right? 

(photo Eater)

Monday, November 23, 2009


For two summers I lived and worked at School of American Ballet, and even today will help out when they're low staff in residence life.  I got to know these young kids so well, living in such close quarters, essentially being their in "loco parentis."  Over a few years, watching them grow and develop into young adults, it gives me such a proud feeling.  An article in the New York Times covers their annual choreography workshop done by the advanced students in the program, and it gives me a small idea of what a proud parent must feel.  I myself used to be in the ballet world, so it's especially exciting watching them turn into professional level dancers! 

Read more here!  

Friday, November 20, 2009


Do you ever laugh at people's misfortunes, or something horribly grave, and then go, "oh, god, why am I laughing??"  That is precisely how I felt during Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking on Broadway.  Yet again, I took advantage of the Hiptix offer and took my bud Bjorn for a night of theater.  Carrie Fisher, stars in this one woman play, and basically re-accounts most of her life, which includes screwed up parental relationships, alcohol and drug addiction, her battle with bi- polar disorder, and the tragic death of a close friend (while sleeping next to him!)  I know, it doesn't sound like much of a comedy, but Bjorn and I found ourselves laughing for most the play, right along with the rest of the audience.  Who knew a one woman play could be so entertaining?  Or misfortune, for that matter.  I felt as though I truly was just sitting around having a conversation with Carrie Fisher, as she sat on a couch with a blanket in her nightgown.  She even calls upon the audience to participate, by answering questions from those in the orchestra seating or quizzing them on elements of the show.  What fun shows have you seen recently?? 

(photo playbill)

Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm mildly obsessed with the Fox t.v show Glee.  For those of you who have never seen it, check it out, so funny and entertaining.  I am a theater dork so maybe that adds to my enjoyment, and infatuation with Tony award nominated Matthew Morrison.  But it will definitely put a smile on your face and have you singing along to the "mash-ups."   


Tailgating and College Football

My boyfriend and I got together with two of my best buds from college Katie and Pat.  Katie, Pat and I were quite close in college and considered ourselves our own little family.  It's nice to know the friendship we made in college will be one to last a life time.  This year marks the 2nd annual tailgate for the four of us.  I think we have a new tradition :-)  I think next year might involve an RV, oh boy!
Penn State University= number one tailgating school in the nation.  It was quite funny because this is the second time I've taken my boyfriend to my former University for a football game, and he was poking fun at the fact that I have a statistic for all things Penn State.  It's in our Nittany Lion DNA, those of you who are alum know.  Like 1 in 100 college graduates are PSU alum and Penn State is 4th in terms of university brand recognition.  Again, just what I've been told ;-)  We had great fun tailgating, getting ice cream at the creamery, dinner at Allen Street Grill, and a beer at Zenos.  All things we hold dear to our heart.  It was great fun to visit Happy Valley, a place I consider another home.  What were some of your favorite college memories, or traditions?  

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movies and Art

I love Tuesdays!  Tuesdays are basically my Fridays, due to the odd nature of my work and odds and ends jobs.  So yesterday I had a marathon date day with my boyfriend, so fun!  We went to go see A Christmas Carol.... Okay, I'm gonna say it... It was bad, really bad.  I normally have a hard time saying a movie is bad, but it really was.  I can appreciate it for the great make up and special effects, but it fell short for me.  It failed to throw something special into the original story to make it its own.  Essentially I felt like I was in my 7th grade English class  listening to Mrs. McKenzie talk about the classic tale.  We gave it two thumbs down.  
(photo by

Second stop on our date day was The Guggenheim to see the Kandinsky exhibit.  Love Kandinsky.  Who are some of your favorite artists?  Favorite museums?  I could spend days in The Met, but the Guggenheim was just perfect for a shorter visit. 
(photo by 

Last stop on this date train was The Cornelia Street Cafe for a bit of jazz music, drinks, and dinner.  Cornelia Street Cafe has awesome jazz shows, poetry readings, and other art performances.  My boyfriend and I love listening to live music when we can; we wish it could be more often.  Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick went on their first date here? Wellll at least that's what I was told :^)  

(photo by Cornelia Street Cafe) 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Virtual Hugs and Kisses


Just read this article, apparently more and more men are signing off from text messages with their male friends with kisses "x".  I find it cute and endearing.  Do you usually send your friends virtual "hugs and kisses" in your text messages, and emails?  I sure do! :-)  Love you all lots and lots! xoxoxo 

Friday, November 6, 2009


Last night I went to another great show with my gal pal Sarah.  I love that I have friends, although they themselves are in the theater world, who still love to see great work.  When I heard RoundAbout was doing Ordinary Days, I thought, "I've seen this before," but when I looked on the website and it said, "New Musical," I just thought maybe I was a bit confused with another show.  I'm blonde it happens sometimes :-p   But this time it wasn't a blonde moment.  Sure enough, I read the fine print of the program and it says, "..originally produced and performed by Pennsylvania Centre Stage at Penn State University..."  I did see it! I went to Penn State University for undergrad and remember the flurry of activity as my musical theater peers mentioned the show going up.  It's nice in such a large city to see connections to things like my Alma-mater.   Psu will always hold a special place in my heart and it's great to see them apart of the New York Theater scene.  The play worked wonderfully with the intimate off- Broadway house of the Black Box Theater.  People often confuse the term "Broadway;" most think Broadway is synonymous quality and location.  Little theater lesson folks:  Broadway refers to 500 seats on the house or more, Off-Broadway is 499-250, and Off-Off Broadway has fewer than 100 seats.  So get out there and see some great Off and Off-Off Broadway theater, because you might get to see a fabulous show in an intimate setting before it's a hit and moves to a larger Broadway house.  Have you seen any great shows lately?  Would love to hear!

(photo Roundabout)


My boyfriend just got a new cell phone, the Droid.  I thought I was content with my current phone, and now I'm jealous and totally want one.  So far, it seems similar to the iphone, but operates with Verizon customers and uses Google applications.  What do you think, iphone, or droid?  Verdict is out.   

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am in love with Hiptix from RoundAbout.  Basically if you're under 35 years of age you can see any of their shows for only $20!  I don't know about you, but I love a reasonable theater ticket :-)  I've taken advantage for almost all of their current season.  I'm due to see another show tonight, and another on the 19th.  I can't wait!  If you don't know about this little secret, it is totally worth taking advantage of.  Enjoy!

(photo by Hiptix)

Theater and more cool jewelry

Tuesday night I was lucky enough to attend another great event hosted by the folks at Promenade Magazine.  I'm one lucky gal!  So fun.  We went to see The Understudy, a RoundAbout Theater production.  Being an actor myself, I found the play to be rather amusing, poking fun at how insane actors and show business truly can be.  Best part my friends.... Mark Paul Gosselaar, that's right Zack Morris, was part of the cast.  hehe Okay, so maybe he was on NYPD Blue and other reputable programs, but he'll always be Zack Morris in my heart :-)  The cast also included  Justin Kirk, from Weeds, and very funny Julie White.  Theresa Rebeck, the playwright, writes such well written pieces, and is by far one of my favorites.  I'd highly recommend reading any of her works such as Loose Knit, Spiked Heels, or Sunday on the Rocks.  

(photo by Playbill
Prior to the show we went to Reinstein and Ross to check out some of their awesome jewelry.  Annnnd I think my boyfriend and I may have found a possible jeweler for our engagement ring!! One of the great things about Reinstein and Ross is that you can work directly with the jeweler who is making your piece, they have their workshops in their stores!  How cool is that?  It seems like such a personal experience and I think that's exactly what we're looking for in making a piece unique to us.  They have a wide range of golds; I think I'm after white gold :-)  I love unique and interesting pieces.  Do you have any interesting places where you've found jewelry?  I'd love to hear!  xo

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Theater Festivity!

It's a bit early, but I'm very excited to be apart of Planet Connections Theater Festivity 2010.  I took part last year as a performer, as well as helping the staff with different operations to make the festival happen.  This year I will be joining as assistant manager, and hope to audition for any plays I fit the description for, as auditions draw closer.  It's such a great community of people, and they come together for great causes.  The stage is a place to explore social issues, and raise social consciousness and that's exactly what PC does.  PC combines interesting new works, non-profit and charity work, and is a eco-friendly theater festivity.  As the festival draws closer I'll be sure to give you more info!  For now check out our website and learn more  

Friday, October 30, 2009


Yes, I am going to be Smurfette tomorrow night for Halloween. Normally, I'm not really into the whole getting dressed up thing, but I figure why not give it a go this year. My friend Chaz told me he was being Vanity Smurf, when we were grabbing drinks with friends, and how could I resist his invite to join him as Smurfette. I used to love watching the Smurfs with my brother as a kid. We're probably going downtown to check out the crazy Halloween parade, and then head out for some drinks. What are you going to be for Halloween??

(photo Smurf )

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cool Illustrations

Aren't these illustrations super cool?  Wish I had one of my own, don't you?  They come from an illustrator in Istanbul, Meral Erdogan. 

(photos Meral)

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Night of Theater

My friend Scott and I love to see shows when we get together.  So during this rendezvous, we met at Samuel J Friedman Theater to see, Manhattan Theater Club's The Royal Family.  Although the play was more than three hours long, with two intermissions, the time went by rather quickly.  Members of the Cavendish theatrical dynasty decide they must choose between a life in the theatre or life as a civilian.  I found it to be witty and comical, with a lovely cast including: Ana Gasteyer, John Glover, Rosemary Harris, Jan Maxwell, Tony Roberts, and Reg Rogers.  Do you prefer straight plays or musicals? 

(photo playbill

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy Saturday

It's a rainy day here in Manhattan. It makes me want to snuggle up with sweat pants, a hot cup of tea, and the movie One Fine Day. Every time it rains I have a longing to watch One Fine Day.  In my opinion, it's the ultimate rainy day movie. I have to memorize lines for a seminar on Monday, but I think after some solid studying I can find time for my rainy day movie ;-) Do you have movies you long to watch when the weather is cold?

(photo opensalon)

Cute Puppy

Isn't he just the most adorable thing?!  I want a puppy so badly, but as the weather gets colder, I'm reminded that the adorable little thing would need to be walked in the freezing cold.  I also go back and forth on the fairness of having a puppy in the city.   Is it fair if the dog is small, or is it not fair to a dog no matter the size?  For now, I'll wait for the day I have a backyard.  What are your thoughts on having a dog in the city?  

(photo dogwild)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Unique Jewelry

I am in love with a gift that was recently given to me from my friend Carly, while I was visiting in California. I just love how it has that antique-ie, yet old Hollywood look to it. Carly had personalized the piece by asking her friend Rachel Wold to create the necklace based off what she thought would look great. As you can see, I think Carly and Rachel have fabulous taste. Rachel has a shop in Chico, but also has great pieces on etsy. On her Etsy website Mone Petit Vintage, you too can ask Rachel to make a unique piece just for you. I think they make wonderful, thoughtful gifts, but how could you resist getting one made for yourself?? Go ahead, be a little greedy, it's good for your complexion ;-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New York Jewelry

I'm in love with my Fetty necklace, "Shot Through the Heart".  I got my first one about three years ago, made of brass and nickel, but want to upgrade my rock glam necklace to a more upscale look with the white gold and a black diamond.  Every time I wear it, without fail, I receive tons of complements.   I must admit when I have a casting that calls for a rocker or a slightly edgier me, I wear my Fetty necklace to put me in the mood to be "rock glam Kaira."  This line is all about the rock glam attitude, and is tied in with the bank Semi Precious Weapons.  Best part, they're from right here in Brooklyn, New York.  How can you not love everything about this line?!

More Fetty necklaces. Which one is your favorite?

(Photo Fetty)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York Eats

Last night my boyfriend and I we went on a double date with a friend of his and his girlfriend.  We went to Sammy's Roumanian in the Lower East Side for some steak, kishka, and karnatzlack.  What an experience!  They serve their vodka in a cube of ice, where I was prompted to hold it until he prepared the bucket, in which the waiter said, "hold this shiksa."  It was all very light hearted and fun, with the walls covered in photographs, and live entertainment complete with an electric keyboard.  Sammy's is also well known for having a jar of schmaltz on every table.  Nothing like a little duck fat and vodka to help an evening along.  If you're looking for fun place and a great place to take a group of people, you might want to consider Sammy's Roumanian.  Be careful, a bottle of vodka can go very quickly when you have such a lively atmosphere with your dinner.  

(photo yelp)


Weird.  There is no other word for these "shoes".  I first noticed them while riding the subway home from work one evening, and just two nights ago I saw someone else wearing them! Really?  I know Manhattan can be tough on you, but I don't think the terrain is that intense.  To each his own I suppose.  

(photo geekologie)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Chico California

What can one do in Chico California?? Well let me tell you, a whole bundle of things! My boyfriend and I recently went out to California to see one of my dear friends Carly, spend quality time, and see a new part of the US. It was funny to notice how I had so much enthusiasm for things that were common place for Carly and her friends, who grew up in California. Things this New Yorker rarely, if ever, has the chance to do. Like.... ride a horse! haha. Just a few days before my trip to California I had mentioned to my boyfriend that I have never been horse riding, and it just seems like something someone should do in their life time. You may be laughing at me right now, but at least that's how I saw it. We rode horses, ate tacos (from a taco truck!), took a long bike ride through the park, drank, had great food, and relaxed with great people. Below are just a few snaps from our quick trip. If you have a friend in Chico, I'd say you should go see them ;-) What fun trips have you taken recently?

Having a post ride drink and snack in the barn. Yup, the barn :-)
That's a chicken. I told you a barn!

Living and Giving

I'm happy to report, in conjunction with my artistic and other work related pursuits, I've started working with a fabulous non-profit organization called Universal Giving.  I think in life sometimes we push for certain opportunities to happen because we believe they're truly the right path for us, and then life puts a present in your lap.  I feel as though I received a present when the founder and CEO introduced the idea of becoming involved with her organization.  Many times I feel that my career aspirations aren't directly helping others, and this feels like a great way to directly help other people.  The great thing about this organization is that 100% of your donations go to philanthropy, and you can see what causes around the world you are helping, such as giving gardening tools to a Cambodian family.  Pam Hawley, the founder, stresses wanting to give people an opportunity to make giving and volunteering a natural part of everyday life.  I think that's a wonderful mantra to keep in our minds.  When our problems can seem so monumental you realize how trivial it is to stress about things like missing the uptown 6 train or not getting the gig from your last audition.  

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Original works of art

What are your feelings on art work displayed in your home?  My boyfriend argues that one should only, or rather we should only, have original pieces in our home.  Coming from an art background,  I can see where is he coming from in this argument; however, I will admit I do love a purchase from CB2 now and again.  I'm more of the uptown art scene with a background in classical ballet, and my boyfriend is of, what he likes to refer to as, the downtown art scene.  His art pieces tend to have a bit more of an avant-gard feel, and sometimes cringe at the sight of plastic baby dolls in my living room, and signs pulled from someone's trash. Yup, the above photo is actually a piece we created in our home. 

I was classically trained at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, where I spent over 13 years training.  I accumulated a LARGE amount of pointe shoes, going through about a pair a week.  Combine two parts old suit cases and about 50 parts old pointe shoes, and voilĂ  you have a piece of art.  I think it might be growing on me.  

Friday, October 16, 2009

No place like....Da Burgh

I'm so excited because I just booked airfare to go home to Pittsburgh for Christmas!  I stayed in New York for the holidays last year, so it will be great to see my hometown decorated, with twinkle lights and all.  I moved to New York City about a year and a half ago, so it will be great to see old friends and family over the holiday season.  I love New York, but sometimes you need to see the places you used to go as a kid and the people who knew you when you wore braces and still talked to you anyway :-)  Pittsburgh, the city of bridges, slang such as: n'at, yinz, and dahntahn (If you know anyone from Pittsburgh, ask them and they'll translate for you, orrrr you can just look at the above link), the Steelers, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and the three rivers.  I'm excited to show my beau the steel city for the first time!  What are some things you miss from where you grew up, or fond childhood memories ?  

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The evening of Arts continued into the following week.  College buddy and good friend Bjorn, said, "Klueber, let's go to the Opera".  I said, "Yes, of course darling!"  We went to see Le Nozze di Figaro at the Met.  It had been quite some time since my last opera, which may have been when I was living and studying in Italy, while in college.  That said, I forgot how long Operas last!  I enjoyed it for the fabulous sets, amazingly skilled singers, and the beautiful house at The Met.  Buuuuut it let out close to midnight.  Sorry, that's a bit too late for a school night kids. 

The Ahhhhhrts Darling

Every now and again my day job affords me some fabulous perks, two of those being Broadway Shows and fabulous food.  Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the preview of the Broadway Show Memphis and pre-theatre food and drink at The Oak Room on Central Park South, care of City Guide .  Of course I brought my gal pal Sarah, who loves a Broadway show, but really who doesn't?  We both weren't sure what to expect with the new show, and we were blown away with this phenomenal cast.  Montego Glover, whom you may recognize from The Color Purple, was out of this world.  It was the kind of singing that makes the hair on your arm and the back of your neck stand up.  Eric Hara's food at The Oak Room, was yum, yum, yum.  I'm nearing in on over 50 Broadway shows to date, and hoping to surpass my friend John's record of over 150 shows!  I'll keep you posted on the progress :-)

(photo by

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super Models on Bikes... Everywhere!

What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear Amsterdam?...... Well, for me it's bikes! Everywhere! Instead of parking garages for cars, they had them for bikes! Who knew? My boyfriend and I recently went on a short trip to The Netherlands to celebrate his birthday (of the 30th variety, shhhh). I was blown away by the sheer volume of bikes! Everywhere! Amsterdam is a beautiful, clean, quaint city. I felt vertically challenged on several accounts next to the tall and beautiful dutch. My boyfriend cracked jokes about how the dutch were probably wondering why I was walking on my knees. Joking aside, it was a great get away complete with dutch foods such as bitterballen, a trip to the Brouwerji 't IJ brewery, canal boat tour, and the Rijksmuseum. I wish Euro getaways could happen on a regular basis.

Chick Lit

No, I'm not talking about the gum, but the fabulous literature that helps you escape from every day pressures. Don't get me wrong, I do love an intellectually stimulating novel or riveting drama, but every now and again you just need a little "fluff". I love sneaking in my chick lit during those subway-commuting minutes, where there are few other options, but reading. I recently finished three out of the four Emily Griffin novels, and starting on my fourth Something Blue . I love her wonderfully written novels that take me to a happy place of designer labels, and lattes.

(photo by Sarah Klockars-Clauser)

Happy Day!

I'm so excited to start my very first blog!  After my dear friend Carly told me it wasn't technological rocket science, I figured I would give it a go.... So here it goes!  I hope you find it somewhat enjoyable and maybe even at times funny.